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Our guide to spirits and what you should try!

We have the perfect guide for you if you’re feeling adventurous, want to try some new alcoholic drinks or are new to the world of spirits! Spirits are a good opportunity to alter your usual drink order and they can be a lot of fun to experiment with. If you’re unsure where to begin, our list of must-try spirits can help.

Here are five spirits that we think everyone should try at least once.


Whiskey is a type of distilled alcohol made from grains such as barley, rye, and wheat. Whiskey can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails such as the old-fashioned or the Manhattan and there are many different types of whisky available, including bourbon, scotch and Irish whisky. Bourbon is a type of whisky made in the United States, whereas Scotch whisky is made in Scotland. Whiskey has a flavour that some people describe as smoky, woody or even sweet, so you’ll be able to find a whisky that suits your taste.


Vodka is a type of alcohol that is distilled primarily from high-starch plants. Potatoes are the most common base, though one can also use rye, corn, grains, or beets. It is one of the most popular spirits in the world and can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails such as the cosmopolitan or the Moscow mule. Vodka is clear in colour and has a neutral flavour, making it a versatile spirit that can be used in a wide variety of drinks. Russia and Poland are the two biggest producers of vodka, though it is also produced in many other countries.


Gin is a type of distilled alcohol made from fermented grain mash with its primary flavouring ingredient being juniper berries, which give it its distinct flavour. Gin is delicious on its own or in cocktails like the gin and tonic or the martini. Made in a variety of countries around the world, with the United Kingdom, France, and Spain among the largest producers.


Rum is a type of distilled alcohol made from fermented sugarcane juice or molasses. It is typically darker in colour and sweeter in flavour than vodka or gin. Rum is popular in mixed drinks such as rum and Coke and daiquiris and it is also frequently used in cooking. Rum is produced in many countries, with the Caribbean islands being the largest producers and local Australian rums are also popular.


Tequila is a type of distilled alcohol made from the fermented juice of the agave plant. It is usually clear in colour and has a strong, distinct flavour. Tequila can be consumed on its own or in cocktails such as margaritas and tequila sunrises. Tequila is made in Mexico and is a popular alcoholic beverage there.

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